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Fall Preseason 2019

Fall Preseason 2019

This preseason should be a fun one for Milwaukee. We enter with a strong Senior class led by several state place winners. A returning state champ, state runner up and bronze finisher lead the pack. These kids have been working hard all off season attending CKWC camps and working, going to private academies and competing all over the country. I want our young kids to follow their lead and rise to there level of work ethic. Everyone is coming in with a growth mindset and trying to get better.

A big part of this season will be helping improve last years Varsity kids and bringing some new kids into the room. So far at practice we have had over 40 wrestlers from 6 high schools. We have grown from one wrestling room into two. We have boys and girls practicing and getting better together. We are focusing on Folkstyle training for the upcoming WIAA season, but as soon as the kids get some free time its right back to Greco. This Spring is going to be exciting!

As our Seniors train to accomplish their goals, it will be fun to see who is the next to step up. I can’t choose when a student athlete decides to buy into the program, but when they do its easy to notice and the progression is accelerated. Milwaukee has a great untapped potential in wrestling. We have been fortunate enough to have great clinicians help us this Fall. We have had some great individuals, but now we are building a great team. With a solid foundation in place we are ready to grow and thrive.

Thanks for reading,

Shane Kennelly

President City Kids Wrestling Club

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